In synch with my dad

It is a nice connection that at the same age as I start out establishing my own business dad did the same thing. When he was in his late thirties, with three young but growing kids, he found himself in a position where he had to gain control of his future and that of his family. He was a pharmacist who had worked in Sydney and then regionally throughout NSW. He had settled in Maclean, and to cut a long story short, bought Yamba Pharmacy in what was then a town of perhaps less than 1,500 people. He had three kids and a wife to support, a mortgage to pay. About 25 years later he sold the shop in a town of now 6,000 people mortgage paid, 4 kids all through Uni starting their own families and a great deal of satisfaction with what he and mum had achieved. It was hard work at times, we saw firsthand the sacrifices that our parents made, and the sacrifices that we kids (ultimately 4 of us), had to enjoy.

My father in-law took a slightly different but ultimately equally successful path. About 50 years ago, the day he finished his electrical apprenticeship he set up his own business. Charise and her sister grew up like we did, enjoying the good years, and smiling through the other years. It has taught us both a lot about how to run capioIT with the family in the focus of our thoughts as well as to know that there are peaks and troughs when you run a small business.

Enough of looking back, we are all about looking forward at capioIT.

About capioIT - Phil Hassey

If you require further information, please contact Phil Hassey, CEO of capioIT. capioIT is an advisory firm focused on helping organisations to understand emerging technology as the world becomes Digital. Phil may be contacted easily in the digital and real world. +61422231793
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One Response to In synch with my dad

  1. Gerry Van Zandt says:

    Hi Phil — Interesting parallels with regard to your own father & father-in-law, and your decision to launch out on your own. The good thing is that your and Charise’s experiences have given you good grounding in what it will take to be successful, and to set the right life balance and priorities. So, a toast to your kickoff, and all the best wishes from us at HP AR.

    I’m interested to understand more about your strategic partnerships — are they regional or worldwide? Also would love to know more about some of the research topics and engagements you’re embarking upon now.

    With regards,

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