capioIT turns 5 weeks old today – time to quickly reflect and move forward

What a month or so it has been for capioIT. It has been an incredibly successful and inspiring start to capioIT. I am very grateful for all the support, encouragement and insight that I have received as I set capioIT up. To say I am happy would be a great understatement.

I want to update you on a couple of key areas that are important for both you and capioIT.

You will recall the importance to my business model of collaboration. I have spent more time on this than any other initiative in the last month I have some great news. As you might be aware, I will be working as an advisor to IBRS, clearly ANZ’s leading end user focused analyst firm. This will be officially announced in the next couple of weeks. I will provide buyers of IT with advice, insight and support in their investment for services and solutions. I believe that the IBRS team has clearly the best end user analysts in ANZ, I am proud and privileged to be joining them in a significant advisory capacity. One of the highlights for me with IBRS is the level of internal knowledge and the level of peer review of content. It is not possible to give clients documents and insight that does not challenge and provoke thought and change for them.

The next news in terms of collaborations is that I am currently enroute (via Auckland, the financial joys of a start-up) to the US to finalise collaborations with 1-2 US based organisations. These discussions have been fruitful to date, but it is important that I focus them with a face to face meeting to ensure both parties get the most out of the relationship. I am excited about the announcements that will come out of these discussions in the next couple of weeks. The relationships are also going to be highly complementary to the core work of capioIT dealing with the Asia Pacific market and of course with my work with IBRS and the Australian IT buyer or end user space.

I am also looking to enjoy meeting with old and new friends at some of the leading vendors in the US. It is a great opportunity to further explain capioIT and what we will achieve.

In other areas of capioIT, progress is strong. I am working hard on the taxonomy. Many will know that this is very important for me in order to lay the foundations. Given changes to solution and technology delivery models through the emergence of cloud, it is also a difficult task. However, I am confident that I am close to finalising the first taxonomy defined in the cloud era, without the baggage of old incumbent taxonomy.

Competitive analysis is going well. I have finalised the framework and more importantly, shared it with others and as promised will have a document by Christmas that will provide a thorough and unique insight into the Asia Pacific IT Services market covering approximately 20 vendors, including Korean firms, and 4 Indian firms.

I have produced 3 capture documents. These have been well received and highlight major events or analyst briefings, content includes IBM – Bharti relationship in Africa, Verizon Business and Infor. The aim of these is to provide a neutral view on the state of these enterprises. Their completion is part of my commitment to communicate outcomes of analyst briefings, I know that a lot of effort goes into these events from analyst relations, and there is a lot of ability for me to leverage this content with my collaborative approach.

The blog is successful. I am working out how best to use the blog, but the spike when content goes out is a very positive sign. Clearly this will evolve as I keep capioIT moving.

The range of offerings is maturing. The key aspect is access. I have developed an approach where access is the key. This can be to reports, consulting and other engagements such as client presentations and internal strategic presentations. Please let me know if you are interested in this.

Clearly whilst I have had a great and successful five weeks for capioIT there is a lot to do. I need to spend more time on developing the website, despite the importance of the blog and of course twitter. Frankly I need to work harder on the sales side and to monetise the success so far. This will come with more engagement and outreach as well as more content. Again, without wanting to have this a self serving plug, please let me know if there is anyway in which we can support your success.

Bottom line, I wanted to write a note to highlight what we have been doing, and to thank you individually and collectively for your support. capioIT is continuing to evolve and will continue to grow and move forward as we grow.


Thanks again,



About capioIT - Phil Hassey

If you require further information, please contact Phil Hassey, CEO of capioIT. capioIT is an advisory firm focused on helping organisations to understand emerging technology as the world becomes Digital. Phil may be contacted easily in the digital and real world. +61422231793
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One Response to capioIT turns 5 weeks old today – time to quickly reflect and move forward

  1. Sudip says:

    Hi Phil, congrats to a great start and all the best for the UP trip..good to learn about all your recent and upcoming partnerships..u rock man..:)

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