Asia Pacific does not have an IIAR analyst of the year. Here are some possible candidates.

Asia Pacific does not have an IIAR analyst of the year. Here are some possible candidates.
Firstly congratulations to my old friend Phil Fersht for being named the IIAR analyst of the year. He has done an amazing job converting a humble blog to an innovative and dynamic business. Secondly congratulations to Gartner who were also named analyst firm of the year. They have weathered the last couple of years well.
One of the frustrations of the analyst awards such as the IIAR ones is that they do not clearly recognise Asia Pacific and emerging market analysts. There are several reasons for this, most relating to the scale and maturity of the analyst business here in Asia Pacific and the focus of Corporate AR on the US and EMEA. Clearly I think that this is short term and short sighted, but as we mature as a region we will be able to participate and perhaps one day dominate these types of discussions as Asian and emerging market based IT companies and analyst firms rise.

Given my background in the region and experience I thought it worth highlighting a few of my “Nominations” for analyst of the year in the Asia Pacific. I know most of the senior analysts and firms in our region, so these suggestions highlight some strong performers and people who are good for our industry in Asia Pacific.

Please trust me I am being objective as possible with my suggestions and comments. Some names mentioned are long term friends of mine, some I do not know that well. I respect our industry in Asia and like most of us love the almost collegiate culture we have especially amongst the more seasoned and travelled analysts. I also apologise in advance for the testosterone levels of the nominations.

Nominations for Analyst and Analyst Firm of the Year in Asia Pacific

Phil Carter – IDC. I will avoid highlighting that when I left IDC it took two people to replace me, but Phil Carter has done a great job in enhancing IDC’s services capability in the Asia Pacific market. He is perhaps the best IDC analyst in the region and gets a lot of respect from vendors in the region. Furthermore as a native Zimbabwean, he is undoubtedly the best Asia Pacific IT analyst to come out of that country.
Tim Sheedy – Forrester An easy one, as their only real IT analyst in the region, he has had to cover all the roles of Forrester as well as focus on his CIO role whilst overcoming the shortcomings of the (at the time of publishing) lack of Forrester investment outside the US and Western Europe. The man needs some help and for someone who started as a Telco analyst, has a fair grasp of services.
Matt Boon – Gartner – Whilst he has a global role, Matt is in effect the Godfather of infrastructure analysts in the Asia Pacific region. He has such a deep knowledge of market and customers as well as to work in a close and positive role with his Gartner colleagues.
Michael Barnes – Springboard – My former colleague has done a great job in the software and cloud space in 2010. He has been pivotal in making software and cloud the real strength in Springboard Research in the second half of the year. He also has one of the best attitudes of anyone I know about the role of the analyst and life balance.
Joe Sweeney – IBRS – Joe is probably the most acutely intelligent analyst I have met. His focus on end users and helping them maximise their investment in technology is inspiring. One thing that I have admired for him for a while is his ability to listen to and respect other perspectives and debate the key issues for technology.
Analyst Firm of the Year in Asia Pacific
Gartner – Gartner have done a great job in the last 18 months to slowly re-engage with our industry. One highlight for me is that in the Asia Pacific Gartner is not afraid to engage in discussions that range include other analysts. I enjoy engaging with the likes of Jim Longwood and Rolf Jester in vendor briefings and to really work together to draw “the truth” out of vendors.
Ovum – Adam Jura and Jens Butler amongst others have done a great job in 2010 to pull Ovum from a perception of an analyst firm that is just focused on Telco to engage in a broader range of IT markets particularly in the IT services space. It is also unique in their UK heritage which does appear to benefit the culture, though more scale is required.
IDC – My first analyst firm has had an improved time of it over the last couple of years. They seem from my view at least; to be more sure of the role they play in the IT research ecosystem. They do continue to be a strong source of junior analysts. For the industries sake, it is important that they are able to pull these analysts through to become senior influence makers in our market.
IBRS – Whilst some might argue I have a conflict here, I have long admired IBRS. Their model is unique with the absolute focus of the strategy and analysts on end users or buyers of IT. In terms of experience the blend of CIO’s, enterprise architects, traditional analysts and entrepreneurs provides such a strong value for end user clients. In 2010 they were able to further add to their analyst roster.

Lets hope that soon there is an analyst of the year award that is serious and legitimate for the Asia Pacific region

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3 Responses to Asia Pacific does not have an IIAR analyst of the year. Here are some possible candidates.

  1. Ben Kepes says:

    Hey Phil… Interesting (despite my vested interests) that you’ve only included “trad” analysts from “trad” firms in your list. Is that because you’ve narrowed the definition s such or is it because there’s a lack of the new breed of analyst in our region?

    • As an untraditional analyst from an untraditional firm, who used to be a traditional analyst in a traditional firm, it is a bit of both. I would not see IBRS as fitting the traditional model to be honest, but there is a lack of regional focused firms who can command broad influcence. I really wish the next year or two sees a real growth in non tradtional firms.

  2. Ben Kepes says:

    Cool – keen o talk more about that. My focus is primarily US but that’s been because of the dearth of interesting conversations happening over here – I’m looking forward to that changing…

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