HP must find an enterprise brand. First stop: www.hp.com

Basically a website is current the front door for any organisation.  It tells you who they sell too and what they sell. Branding is clear and it generates interest This has never been more true for key IT vendors. What it tells us is very instructive

I looked recently at 5 enterprise vendor websites. Accenture, Cisco,  Dell, HP and IBM. The  HP and Dell websites only are highlighted below due to space issues.

The results were not surprising but very illustrative of the positioning of the firms. Clearly Cisco, IBM and Accenture are not consumer players (especially since Cisco Flipped Flip). Their websites reflect this. Dell is a consumer firm but has been successful in a repositioning exercise in the recent months as an enterprise firm.

The outlier is HP.

The fact that one can buy a printer or laptop directly on the website, but not quickly identify enterprise solutions highlights the job in front of the new marketing teams at HP. The previous CMO’s had the consumer experience but seriously failed in driving the enterprise marketing at HP despite the acquisitions of EDS and other enterprise providers. This has caused significant challenges to the brand that has are long term.

HP needs to change. The measure of the new marketing team may not be whether or not the website is enterprise ready, but it is a telling external visualisation of the challenges facing marketing at HP, change in the website will be a pointer that they are more serious about communicating enterprise capabilities.

Perhaps they need to ask Dell for some pointers.

About capioIT - Phil Hassey

If you require further information, please contact Phil Hassey, CEO of capioIT. capioIT is an advisory firm focused on helping organisations to understand emerging technology as the world becomes Digital. Phil may be contacted easily in the digital and real world. phil@capioit.com +61422231793
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