Asia Pacific SAP Services Leadership Announced by capioIT

Asia Pacific SAP Services Leadership Announced by capioIT

We are excited to release the capioIT Asia Pacific SAP Services Capture Share report. It highlights the overall key strengths and weaknesses of 15 leading SAP services providers in the Asia Pacific region.

The report highlights that whilst there is a diverse range of SAP services providers with a range of skills and capabilities, leadership for AP SAP Services sits with Accenture followed by IBM. Indian based providers, particularly Infosys and TCS are the biggest movers in the rankings as their individual capability and service delivery outcomes rise.

It is anticipated that the SAP Services market in the Asia Pacific region will become even more competitive in the next 24 months. capioIT has observed greater focus on Asia from the likes of Atos, as well as NTT Data as well as the arrival of Cognizant. Furthermore the Chinese providers such as Vanceinfo will continue to emerge, firstly in China, but more broadly as they look to replicate the Indian provider market.

Competition is also going to be enhanced by the changing dynamic of the SAP application portfolio. As this expands through cloud adoption of existing offerings and acquisitions, it is clear that the services delivery environment will be particularly disruptive.

SAP is must work closely with the partners to ensure that they can maintain the pace of change that is impacting the overall IT space in the Asia Pacific region. This will be particularly true for dissemination of IP and R&D as well as optimisation of account and opportunity management.

Capture share analysis by capioIT has two axis for analysis. These are the ability to transform a client, and leverage scale and capability. Leadership in both results in a vendor being identified as a market maker.

Revenue aside, overall the leverage results largely cluster. Whilst this is in part due to the number being an average, it does highlight that differentiation comes from doing specific measures well. This could include delivery partnerships or country localisation.

For transform the strongest attribute was the ability to leverage SAP R&D. This is not surprising and reflects on both SAP and the partner environment. However, work needs to be done by vendors focusing on developing their own R&D.

Whilst the global and industry solution development results are strong, there is a real need to focus more energy on developing solutions that are country specific. This is a high customer demand area.

Vendors included in the report include the following:


For more information on this report, please contact Phil Hassey on +61 422 231 793 or

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