capioIT announces Leadership in the Asia Pacific Natural Resources IT Solutions Marketplace

Emerging Market advisory firm, capioIT is excited to release the 2013 Asia Pacific Natural Resources IT Solutions Market Capture Share report. This extensively researched report helps underpin technology buyer decision making by evaluating key strengths and weaknesses of 14 leading IT Solution providers in the Natural Resources sector across the Asia Pacific region.

According to capioIT CEO Phil Hassey; “Whilst there is a number of capable Natural Resources IT solution providers with a range of skills and capabilities, leadership for the Asia Pacific Natural Resources IT solutions is shared between Accenture and IBM”. These firms are the two highest ranked “Market Makers”, the lead rank in the Capture Share model. Accenture and IBM have both made increasingly significant investments in Natural Resources capability leveraging the resources and mining boom of recent years.


Following the two leaders, the other “Market Maker” ranked vendors are:

  • CSC – A long industry history, particularly for infrastructure management
  • SAP – Enterprise Application Platform of choice for Tier 1 miners
  • Ventyx – Investment of ABB into Mincom creates a strong platform
  • Schneider – Big focus on automation and process management

Mr. Hassey notes that unlike most other industries, “the successful blending of Information Technology and Operational Technology (IT and OT) is creating viable opportunities for partnerships and creating measurable client outcomes”.

It is worth noting that part of the success for these leading providers is that they have invested in capability and engagement across the three subsectors in the industry

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Engineering and construction.

In the same theme, geographic diversity is a key definer of success. Whilst Australia is the hub market, (and Perth the epicentre, particularly for mining and engineering), it is not the only market. Significant demand exists in Indonesia, India, China and markets such as Singapore which operates as a global or regional hubs. Another defining factor in the market is the unflinching requirement for remote service delivery.

The recent rise in importance of the Natural Resources sector for vendors globally and across the Asia Pacific region has led to a clearly delineated market with many recent entrants to the market still immature in their proposition and account list. This is a clear factor that has made the Natural Resources IT Solutions market one of the most delineated between the “haves” and “have nots” that capioIT has studied. Overcoming this will require significant investment and patience. Not all vendors will have the ability to deliver on this.

With the exception of Infosys (rated as a Transform Focus vendor) the remaining vendors included in the study are market makers. All are investing in capability and looking to increase their exposure to the industry. However, all are far from mature in both strategy and execution. It will take at least 2 years for investments made by the likes of Wipro and Telstra to emerge into deep client referencing and delivery capabilities.


In the future capioIT expects entry to the market will require a capability to capitalise on the increased overlap and integration by vendors in the OT, IT and Engineering Technology (ET). Without this, vendors will be very limited. This also will raise the importance of new and focused relationships with both niche software providers and the major natural resources industry solution providers and engineering firms. This shift may create some corporate tension as differing cultures and business objectives have to be aligned.


The following vendors participated in the report:

  • Accenture
  • Cognizant
  • CSC
  • Fujitsu
  • HCL
  • IBM
  • Infosys
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Schneider
  • TCS
  • Telstra
  • Ventyx
  • Wipro



Capture Share Reports are independent research. They are not prepared on behalf of any vendor or provider. It is a rigorous and tested methodology that is based on extensive qualitative and quantitative engagement with a range of stakeholders. 

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If you require further information, please contact Phil Hassey, Founder capioIT. capioIT is an advisory firm focused on helping organisations to understand emerging technology in emerging markets. Phil may be contacted by email or phone below,

+61 (0) 422 231 793

About capioIT - Phil Hassey

If you require further information, please contact Phil Hassey, CEO of capioIT. capioIT is an advisory firm focused on helping organisations to understand emerging technology as the world becomes Digital. Phil may be contacted easily in the digital and real world. +61422231793
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