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What’s News

June has rapidly come around. For many there is only a month to decide if the first half of 2014 has been good business wise, or if it has provided an overly challenging environment. I hope that your company will have a good first half to 2014 that accelerates through the year.

Having long promoted ASEAN as one of the hottest global markets, the recent coup in Thailand was a disappointing setback. capioIT believes that it will have a disruptive influence on the Thai market for at least the next two years. We have scaled back expectations and forecasts accordingly. At this point in time there will be limited ASEAN impacts.

Michael Harte has now left his role as CIO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. He helped redefine technology at the CBA and made it a differentiated leader in the overall Australian market, and the Asia Pacific Financial Services space from a technology point of view. The challenge and opportunity for the CBA is to come up with a new generation CIO focused on accelerating a digital, analytics and governance play, not one focused on delivery of more of the same.

In May I attended the global customer events of two of the largest legacy vendors, EMC and Cisco. What was clear to me is that legacy vendors typically are not setting the agenda for the future of technology, rather they have to react to a macro agenda set by others.

Furthermore they are struggling to identify how to best align with non-traditional technology buyers. At these events, it is still more common to see people wearing flip-flops (or thongs for Australians. I don’t want to frighten readers with images of the average Storage System Admin in a thong) and Star Wars t-shirts than a suit and tie. Creating and maintaining relevancy to the two audiences will take a significant amount of time and investment. Not all the legacy vendors will succeed. In terms of the strategies of EMC and Cisco, both are achievable but rely on execution internally, by partners and by customers.

Thanks for taking the time to continue to read the newsletter. We have linked to some of our key content for the month. As always, please let us know if there is any way we can support you and your business requirements, and please provide us with feedback on the newsletter to Phil Hassey.


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Short insights from May

  • Advanced analytics providers are too slow in their investments in Asia. We hope that emerging vendors accelerate investment or even better, local alternatives are created.
  • Several Queensland based public and private sector based organisations are increasingly frustrated by the near absolute focus on data centres in Sydney and Melbourne. Parochialism is alive and well. Australia is not unique in this regard.
  • The DSSD acquisition by EMC highlights the pace of innovation required by legacy IT just to keep up. DSSD has no product but can provide it quicker than EMC can.
  • EMC showcased the Vatican Library at EMCWorld. That is a perfect combination of big and old data.
  • Intercloud was a key Cisco announcement at the global Cisco Live event. It was excellent to see a strong APAC and emerging market focus in the initial partner roll out.
  • Between Intercloud and the Internet of Things, APAC is key for Cisco’s future.
  • Legacy vendors are really struggling with the transition. Whilst the pressures of Wall Street are unrelenting, the strategy of cutting costs to make money is unsustainable and will lead to increased failure. Growth needs investment not cutbacks
  • Cloud and subscription pricing are related but not interchangeable. Both buyers and vendors regularly confuse this.
  • It appears Indian based services orgs have badly missed cloud services opportunity. For now they are merely one of the legacy providers
  • It is clear that the shift to cloud is like a season of Game of Thrones. Key Characters at the start won’t make the end, the end players won’t be recognizable

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If you require further information, please contact Phil Hassey, CEO of capioIT. capioIT is an advisory firm focused on helping organisations to understand emerging technology as the world becomes Digital. Phil may be contacted easily in the digital and real world. +61422231793
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